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Every now and again, I get a question from one of our customers or a friend about Smith Security in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area.  To be honest, I don’t want to say they are a BAD company (FYI- their name is actually Smith monitoring, and not Smith Security but many people still call them Smith Security).  I do think you need to read the fine print.  Here are 3 things to consider about Smith Security.


Smith Security and the Fine Print

While the company has since removed their clarification on their pricing, you can see from the image below that the lowest price is $17.95, and that’s if you have a qualifying system and agree to a 3 year contract.  You also must have an existing landline or a working VoIP system.  We recommend NOT using a VoIP line because there are still inconsistencies with the VoIP service (and other issues- you can read about VoIP systems and issues here).  Most companies also want a minimum payment plan or payment method such as one year all at the time of programming.  This may be comparable to paying a company up front, but the monthly monitoring over a 3 year contract will probably total more than if you pay less per month for monitoring and pay for the installation up front.  Keep in mind that your system, phone line, and location all need to be compatible.  The type of monitoring may also be much more minimal, such as they only offer a signal sent and not the location of the signal (so, it might send an intrusion signal because someone came through your back door, but it will not necessarily tell the monitoring company that it was the back door- this could increase the false alarms).

Smith Security

What if I don’t have a phone line?

Households are turning off the home phone at a staggering rate.  Most people now use their cell phones for phone communication, so they need a cellular module for the alarm to communicate.  To learn more about cellular communication for alarm systems, we have a discussion on that topic.  With Smith Security, the fine print said monitoring would INCREASE by $12 per month, making cellular monitoring a minimum of $29.95.  It doesn’t say if there is a cost for the cellular module, installation, or activation.  Most cellular modules require an activation fee, so you really cannot avoid this.  Now, when you consider the fine print- Smith Security has now sucked you in with the promise of a low rate and the average person does not even meet those requirements.

What if I don’t have a system?

The fine print for Smith Security is not clear on the final cost, probably because this will depend on a variety of factors.  There is mention of a “basic” hardwired system at $27.95 a month with APPROVED CREDIT.  Again, that also appears to require an existing compatible phone line- so NOT cellular.  This is still not a bad price if the equipment price is included, but there are too many variables to know what a final cost might be.

Bottom line with Smith Security

If you choose to call or work with Smith Security, know that the lowest price is not likely something you will get.  Most companies will no longer work on older systems, so even if you have an existing system- there is a really good chance you will not qualify!  While we can definitely understand the variation in pricing, RE Security Solutions offers a low rate monitoring for landlines or cellular.  Instead of requiring a lengthy contract term, we only ask that you commit to us for a year (though, we have options if you want to lock in the price for longer).

Not sure what a Contract Term is?  Check out our post on that, too!

RE Security Solutions is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas metroplex.  Monitoring rates start as low as $15.95 a month (quarterly billing paid by credit card, no credit inquiries, but we do ask that you pay for the one-time re-programming fee).  Cellular options also available at that rate!! 817-404-4664

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