Home Automation

Many of us dream of options that can simplify our life. In the late 1990’s, the “Smart Home” was the thing of the future. Realistically, a “smart home” is not really on the horizon for most people, but some of the elements of a smart home are found in home automation. Here are a few examples of what home automation can do for you:

Many older homes (and even some newer homes) have had additions or alterations to the structure, but the electrical has remained in place. Now, the switch to a porch light might be in a room not even near the door. Home automation now has the capability to work with your alarm system. As you open up that patio door and realize that you forgot to flip the switch in the other room, you can be pleasantly surprised as the light automatically turns on thanks to the home automation with your alarm system. How is this possible? Alarm technology has come far enough that computer programming is now technical enough to include more than just arm/disarm (and signal for help). With the combination of alarm technology and wireless software (and the appropriate equipment) you can program the light to turn on when you open a specific door. No more trips to the other room when you need to go outside at night!

Have you left home in a rush then several blocks later as you are sitting in traffic, you wonder if you remembered to shut the garage door? Instead of driving all the way home to check, or calling a neighbor and asking them to go out in the rain to check, Home Automation allows you to pull up an app (yep, there is an app for that) on your smart phone or tablet that can tell you if the garage door is open or closed! [Requires the addition of a compatible garage door opener.]

What else can I do with Home Automation?

There are many, many different options for home automation…and the list keeps getting longer all the time! Here are some of the options available as part of Home Automation:

  • Door locks: Lock or unlock your door remotely (or from bed). Lock or unlock your door on a schedule. Check the status of your door- is it locked or unlocked?
  • Lighting: Program lights to turn on or off with the opening or closing of doors. Program lights to turn on or off with a schedule. Turn lights on/off remotely.
  • Garage Door: Check the status of your garage door (is it open or closed). Remotely close/open your garage door. Program your garage door to open or close on a schedule.
  • Thermostats: You no longer need to remember (or forget) to change the thermostat! Program your thermostat to conserve energy by adjusting the temperature when you set your alarm. Coming home from a trip? Log on to the app and tell your thermostat to warm up or cool down the house. Register your phone with the system, and tell the system to adjust the temperature based on your distance from home (ie. a mile from home the temperature will go back to normal temperatures for you and be warm/cool as needed upon your arrival home). Receive alerts when the thermostat is adjusted. Programming your thermostat is no longer a trial/error. With a very easy to use website, simply log-in and tell it the schedule for the week. **There are a lot of thermostat options!**
  • Shade & Motor: Control your shade with a motor. Use home automation to open/close your shade!
  • Window Coverings: Similar to the shade & motor, open up those drapes! Need to get your new college student on a daytime schedule? Program the window coverings to open up and shed some of that lovely daylight on your son/daughter that you worry is turning into a vampire.
  • Window Control: Just like it sounds, control the opening/closing of a window.
  • Outlet Control: Each Christmas, we run our outdoor Christmas lights off of an outside outlet that does not have a switch. Instead of going outside to turn them on/off, with Home Automation those lights can be put on a schedule. Anything that is plugged into an outlet can be programmed or remotely controlled to have the power on/off!
  • Water Shutoff Valve: Going on a trip and need to winterize your home? Turning the main water supply off has never been easier! Had to call the plumber and need the water off? No more hunting for that shut-off bar/key! These can be added to any of your plumbing products- hot water heater, toilets, washer, sinks, etc.
  • Remote Camera Viewing: implement a compatible existing camera system or install one that meets your needs, then view your cameras remotely through the same app that controls your other home automation items. If you do not have a camera system, check out the camera system page for more information on systems available.

Home Theater

While there are many different home theater options available on the market, nothing is really quite the same as a professional quality system. Over-the-counter “complete” systems often do not meet the needs of consumers. If you want a built-in system, why suffer with “ok” quality when you can have professional quality?

Home theater options include surround sound or other audio distribution needs such as patio speakers or intercom needs. If you have an audio need, give us a call and we can give you a quote!

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