Free Security Assessment

Thank you for your interest in our FREE Security Assessment.  Due to upgrades in the website security, we have moved the form to:  

If you prefer, give us a call at 817-404-4664 or email as at [email protected]  We will respond to your request within 1 business day!

Why a Free Security Assessment?

There are many companies out there that want to sell you the security they want.  You need the security that best meets your needs and budget.  The only way to assess that is to have someone visit your house and conduct a walk through (with you present, not a relative or friend).  Our representative will go over your questions, determine your main concerns, and help you identify the best methods to meet your security needs.  If you have an existing system, our representative will determine if the system is compatible with the current technology for us to “take over” that system and help you identify any gaps or upgrades necessary.  Other companies will make promises over the phone but without seeing your house and determining the best options, it is difficult to make promises.  We can give you a general quote over the phone if you know what you need and can answer questions (like the type of system you have, what is covered or not covered, etc.).  Camera system installs are relatively straight forward and only require a few questions- so we can often give you a quote without coming out but the best option is to have a representative walk through all of your questions in advance.  This way, you get the best product the first time around.