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Home Security Alarm

There are many people out there that are not familiar with the purpose of a home security alarm system.  Others think that a home security alarm system is only for people who have a large amount of personal property, or think they are at risk of burglary.  Many companies still push the need for the burglar side of the home security alarm system, but there are many more opportunities to have your security system become a resourceful tool instead of just a pain when the batteries go low.

Home Security Alarm


Burglar System

Most people think of a home security alarm as a burglar system.  It “protects” you from a burglar.  This is only partly true.  First, let’s agree to consider any type of system as a tool and not a source of “protection”.  So many companies convince customers that they need a security system because it will prevent or stop burglaries.  Unfortunately, there are too many variables to make that claim.  Instead, a home security alarm is a tool to identify intrusions and (if monitored through a monitoring company) call for assistance on your behalf.  Ultimately, this means that someone can still break in and burglarize you, but they are more likely to flee once the alarm sounds.  Some burglars have become savvy to the local response times and may linger a bit longer, but unless they know where to look for your valuables- they will most likely grab the easiest to find items (this is usually the electronics, money, or jewelry visible and easy to take with them).

Fire System

What many people do not know is that more modern home security alarms can now have a fire system integrated or added.  As long as your home is up to proper standards for your jurisdictional fire code, you can usually have 1 device swapped out to a monitored device (though we recommend all devices be monitored).  This allows you to have a faster response if you are not home or are unable to call for help.


Even though most of the cameras today are sold as part of the home automation series, or as camera systems, it is possible to have your home security alarm integrate with somewhere between one and four cameras.  If you have awesome internet (it’s based on the upload speed, which varies significantly among internet providers), you can sometimes integrate more cameras.  The camera opportunities are quite vast, so if you are interested in learning more about camera systems- head on over to that page.

Home Automation

Outside of cameras, there is a large selection of home automation.  The most popular is the thermostat and lights.  Many alarm systems now integrate with an app that you can load on your smartphone or access your account with your computer.  This means that you have total control over your thermostat, locks, garage door, watering schedule- it’s a long list!  We have a lengthier discussion on home automation if you are interested in taking control of your household functionality.

Do I need a Home Security Alarm?

This is a very long, personal decision.  When I think back to my days before a security system (which actually was not all that long ago), I think about the times people have breached my home or garage without my permission.  One particular time, we had someone break into our external garage when we lived at an apartment and they stole all of our tools and my baseball glove (yes, I do throw like a girl).  While there was no physical evidence that someone had broken into the garage, had we had something in there to at least notify us that the garage was opened, we may have been able to catch them or minimize the loss.  This actually happened twice since we didn’t know at the time that someone was accessing the garages with the KEYS!  When we confronted the apartment complex, they told us it was our responsibility to protect our belongings and we shouldn’t store tools in the garage (just our car…which might have been stolen without us knowing for a while if it had been in there).  I used to tell people that they only need a system if they think that someone is targeting them, but the dynamics of crime have changed.  The “rules” and norms that existed even 5 years ago no longer apply.  People who are not a high risk for crime are becoming victims.  Location or accessibility are not the only factors.  Homes that were out of the crime paths a few years ago are now in the middle of higher crime zones due to economic changes, local shifts in neighborhood culture, and more.  There are many theories to why, but ultimately the question becomes- what are you willing to replace?  If you integrate your fire system and add in a few home automation items, you could easily turn your home security alarm into a resource instead of a piece of equipment on the wall that might get used.

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