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Alarm Monitoring starting at $15.95

If you have an existing alarm system, you know it gets expensive.  Many big name companies increase monitoring each year and require you to monitor for services you do not use.  Now, you can get monitoring as low as $15.95 per month!  The “catch” is that you need an existing system that is compatible- but there are many on the market that are!  Call us today (817) 404-4664, or fill out this form and we can provide a free (no obligation) security assessment.  Need more details?  Keep reading!

What does $15.95/month monitor?

Life of the alarm signal$15.95 covers “basic” monitoring- but it’s not really that basic.  There are no limitations to the number of openings monitored.  If your existing, compatible system has 10 windows and 4 doors, these are monitored.  Most systems also support emergency and panic requests.  Unlock other “basic” monitoring, ours let’s you send emergency and panic requests.  This means you can request emergency medical assistance, fire, or police, as your panel permits.  Is your fire system linked?  Yep- you can have those smoke and heat detectors work as well!

No phone line?  No problem!  We offer a cell unit available at a very low cost that includes an app for remote access.  Want to lock in your low rate?  We offer varying lengths of contracts, too!  With many different systems on the market, the best option for finding out if you can get monitoring for the low $15.95 is to give us a call (817) 404-4664 or fill out this form for a FREE (no obligation) security assessment.

What if I do not have a compatible system?

Home Automation ThermostatFor some systems, monitoring is a little more complicated and requires different options.  For example, if you have home automation (such as thermostats, lights, garage door opener, etc.), this requires a different monitoring level than the basic level.  If you have an existing, compatible system, we offer rates for cellular monitoring with home automation- as low as $27.95.  What is compatible?  Most systems are compatible with this monitoring, but give us a call today and we can tell you for sure! (817) 404-4664 or fill out this form.

What if I need equipment?

If you want to upgrade equipment, add parts on to your system, or you do not have a system and need a full install- we offer multiple options.  Our rates for a basic system install with a cellular communicator start at $36.95/month with adequate credit.  Don’t want your credit checked?  We also offer options to buy your equipment outright (and then you can qualify for the lower monitoring rates).  Call today to get a free, no obligation security assessment (817) 404-4664 or fill out this form.  Our representatives will work with you to find a system and monitoring that works within your budget and security needs.