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Monitored Fire System – Everyone needs it!

Do you have a monitored fire system?  If not, you need to consider monitoring your fire system.  Fire spreads fast, and when seconds count the different between monitored fire systems and unmonitored could mean saving a life.  The following video shows how fast a fire can spread.  30 seconds after the fire starts, the narrator mentions that the smoke detectors would go off then.  How fast can you call for help?  What if you are not home when the fire starts?  Who is going to call for help and how fast?  A monitored fire system calls for help once the smoke detectors trigger.

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Fire systems are a critical part of residential security.  As you see from the video, fire spreads fast and every single second counts.  Even if you are home and hear the smoke detector, it will take time to find your phone and make that call.  Neighbors will not see the fire until it breaches the walls or windows or they hear the smoke detector.  If you are not home, who will call to save your pets?

Monitored Fire System


As busy pet owners and with the strong health regulations restircting where we can take our animals, it is impossible for us to take our pets with us everywhere.  This means we need to leave them home.  Some pet owners leave their pets outside and others allow them to stay in the house while away.  Considering the video above, how long would it be before someone called the fire department?  In my prior career, I would respond to residential fires.  The pet fatality rate was rather high, but a good part of that was because many of the households did not have adequately working smoke detectors and NONE of those had monitored smoke detectors.  If you have a pet, an unmonitored smoke detector does not do any good when you are not home!  Having a monitored fire system means help comes faster when you are not home.


There have been several news reports and articles over the years that discuss fire responses and how the person or people involved froze in the house.  Even if they called 9-1-1, they couldn’t get out of the house because they were too scared.  Will your kids be able to respond adequately to a fire?  Even if they know to call 9-1-1, will they freeze?  Will they actually call for help?  If grown adults freeze in response to a fire, why should we expect a teenager or even younger to respond appropriately?

This is another interesting video that ABC News ran.  It starts at the 4:06 mark of the video to jump to the News Reporter trying to get out of the house full of smoke.  Take note at the 5:03 mark for the second attempt- even he panics a little and it wasn’t a real fire!

Monitored Fire System

Technology has changed rapidly over the years.  A monitored fire system used to require specialized systems and sometimes separate monitoring.  Today, you can have wireless smoke detectors added easily if you have a modern alarm system.  Even some of the older alarm systems still support adding wireless devices- but the best way to know for sure is to give us a call for a free security assessment.  A monitored fire system calls for help as soon as your smoke detector triggers.  The alarm system sends a signal to the monitoring station and the monitoring station will call the fire department.  If no one is home, or you can’t get to a phone (check out that smoke in both videos- it may be hard to find your phone) the monitored fire system makes the call for help on your behalf.

What does it cost to monitor fire systems?

For residential systems, the cost of monitoring fire systems should not cost you more if your fire system and alarm system are compatible.  If they are not compatible, then you have different choices.  This could mean your fire system is outdated or that your alarm system does not support the integration.  In these cases, you may need to change your security panel and/or update your fire system.  The best way to determine your options and get your fire system monitored as soon as possible is to give us a call for a free security assessment – 817-404-4664.

Need a system?  We can install a new system for you!  Monitoring rates for new installs start at $34.95.  If you have an existing system, and it is compatible with our basic cell monitoring we have some plans that start as low as $15.95 (this is a special pricing with special requirements- give us a call to learn more).  Give us a call today to schedule your free security assessment and find out how to you can get a monitored fire system 817-404-4664.

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