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Dallas Security Systems – What can they do?

Dallas Security Systems – What can they do?

Do you live in the Dallas, TX area and are curious about security system options?  Well, finding Dallas security systems is much easier today than it used to be!  There is no need for long contracts or limited options.  RE Security Solutions can help you find a Dallas security system that fits your needs and budget.  Call us today for a FREE Security Consultation at 817-404-4664.  Continue reading to learn more about Dallas Security Systems.

Dallas Security Systems- Options

Dallas Security Systems

Technology has advanced significantly.  Did you know that Dallas security systems can now integrate with other services such as home automation and cameras?  No phone line?  No problem!  Dallas security systems can now use a dedicated cellular line for monitoring.  Worried about long contracts?  While a contract can lock in a price for you, long contracts are a big commitment.  RE Security Solutions offers rates as low as $15.95 for basic cellular monitoring.  Talk to a specialist today- call us at 817-404-4664 or fill out the form on the right and get a FREE, no obligation security assessment.

Home Automation and Dallas Security Systems

Many people only have a vague idea of home automation- and rightfully so considering the media’s prior portrayal of creepy smart houses.  While your security system is not currently able to make you breakfast, you can control several aspects of your home.  Some of the more popular home automation options include turning lights on and off, controlling your thermostat, unlocking or locking doors, opening or closing your garage door- and much more!  You can schedule lights to turn on or off.  Want to control it remotely?  No problem!  Download the app to your smartphone or tablet.  You can unlock a door from across the country or even out of country!  Not sure you shut the garage?  Dallas security systems with home automation can let you check the status of the garage door- right from your smart phone.

Cameras and Dallas Security Systems

Have a camera system or looking for camera options?  Did you know that security systems can now integrate with many different camera systems?  You can even add on a doorbell camera so you can see and talk to whoever rings your doorbell.  Not at home?  No problem!  You can use the smart phone app to see and talk to your visitor- even when you are not home.  Other camera options let you view live streaming over the phone.  This means you can be in another room and use a camera like a nanny cam.  You can also check on your property if the motion detector triggers.  Just worried about the house and want to check?  Live streaming can give you that peace of mind!  There are so many different camera options you can add on to your Dallas security systems, just give us a call to talk about your unique needs! 817-404-4664

Dallas Security Systems
Security System Panel option for Dallas Security Systems

Medical Systems and Dallas Security Systems

Medical needs are a serious concern.  Someone falling or unable to access a phone can mean delayed medical assistance.  Medical pendants, panic buttons, and other options help provide access to a faster response.  Even without a pendant or panic button, your Dallas security system can access medical assistance from the panel.  This means options and availability to calling for help when needed.

Fire Systems and Dallas Security Systems

Are your smoke detectors working?  Do you have a smoke detector where you have removed the battery to keep it from beeping and simply forgot all about it?  Working smoke detectors can mean the different between life and death in some cases.  While un-monitored smoke detectors still serve a purpose when you are home, what about when you are not home?  Who calls the fire department when the smoke detectors go off and no one hears them?  Monitored fire systems initiate a call for help on your behalf.  This means when you are not home, your alarm can still help you and act on your behalf.  For most jurisdictions, your fire system can integrate with your  home security system (commercial systems usually need separate monitoring).

Call RE Security Solutions for your Dallas Security Systems Needs

Give us a call for a FREE Security Assessment or fill out the form to the right.  We have experienced professionals ready to help you find a system that fits your needs and budget. 817-404-4664

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