Burglar Systems

We all hope that we are never burglarized or have someone break into our home or business. Unfortunately, burglaries happen all the time. There are things that you can do to minimize the chance of a burglary. In addition to traditional crime prevention methods (more about this later), there are some additional actions you can take.

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Install and maintain a burglar/intruder alarm system: this alone will not necessarily prevent a burglary, but one historical survey of burglars identified that the majority would avoid targeting a home or business that clearly had some sort of security.(1)

Monitor your system: even if you are targeted for a burglary, the system alone will not do a lot if it does not call for help on your behalf. Having your system professionally monitored helps ensure that the appropriate responders are called (see our section on Fire Systems for information on fire systems and monitoring).

Here are a few questions about burglar/intrusion systems that people often ask:

What kind of burglar/intrusion systems can I get?

There are two basic skeletal structures for a system- wired and wireless.

Wired: This system takes more labor to install as well as materials, but is still a good system. This type of system is good for someone who has problems with signals in a structure (if you have trouble with your wireless internet router, remote controls, baby monitors, cordless phones, etc.) then you may not be able to have a wireless system that is reliable. There are also some concerns over wireless systems that can be “hacked” (this would be especially applicable to over-the-counter systems). If this is a concern for you, then wired is the system you want. If your residence/business is already pre-wired, this may be the less-expensive alternative.

Wireless: The wireless systems available today usually take minimal time to install and less materials (though, this does not mean it is less expensive because it uses a different technology than the wired systems). These are great systems for people who are renting, plan on moving soon, or want to take advantage of the more advanced technology. While there is always a threat of a wireless signal being “hacked”, professional systems utilize top of the line technology. If you purchase a system through RE Security Solutions, we will notify you when technology becomes outdated and needs to be replaced.

Hybrid: This is a combination of the two systems. There are a variety of scenarios that may require this method, so it is best to talk to a sales representative to determine your needs.

Which one is better?
That decision is yours to make. We can help you analyze your needs and educate you on the available systems. Many people today choose the wireless system because it offers a lot of options, including HOME AUTOMATION. Of course, if you have a pre-wired system, then hybrid is an option!

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What are traditional crime prevention methods?

In the scholarly/education world, there are some debates as to effectiveness of specific activities but there are some general approaches that may be able to prevent crime (by default, if you prevent a crime you really cannot know that it was actually prevented).

  • Lock your doors: This one sounds like a simple one, but some studies have shown that people who have alarm systems may leave their doors unlocked due to a false sense of security. Some criminal theories suggest that crime may be due to “opportunity”. If you lock your doors, you minimize that opportunity.
  • Keep windows and doors visible: This one conflicts with a lot of landscaping, but big bushes, trees near doors and windows or just about any type of landscaping that blocks the view of doors or windows from neighbors essentially provides “cover” for someone trying to make entry into your residence/building. Minimize the places for criminals to hide and take their time accessing your home/business.
  • Clean up your yard: This one is arguably the most controversial of the suggestions. Linked to the “Broken Windows Theory”, the concept is to maintain your home and yard. There is some validity to this- if your home looks vacant or no one has been home for a few days, this could be inviting to someone looking for an opportunity.
  • Collect mail & newspapers: Nothing says “I’m not home” better than a stack of newspapers or an overflowing mailbox. If you do plan on being away for a few days, ask a neighbor to collect your mail/newspaper or stop delivery temporarily and have the Post Office hold your mail.
  • Maintain/Install adequate lighting: This goes along with the visibility issues. The night darkness can be an invisibility cloak for criminals. Having proper lighting may reduce the opportunities for criminals to lurk in darkness. There are tons of lighting possibilities- from street lights (clearly, you would have to ask your local jurisdiction to install this) to motion lights, creative options are available to meet your needs. Visit your local hardware store to discuss available options.

What else can I do to minimize potential crime?

This list is not exhaustive by any means. Your unique situation will determine other actions that need to be taken. For example, do you employ people? You may want to have a Background Check conducted or employment screening. Do you have a higher instance of vandalism in your neighborhood or a need to “watch” your surroundings? A camera system may be useful! Do you want a “nanny cam” to keep an eye on the cat/babysitter/etc. but want it to be custom? We offer a range of covert cameras. Don’t forget about keeping yourself safe from natural disaster! Fire systems, emergency notification, and other monitored devices can help prevent loss of life and damage to property.

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